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    El que tenga interés en el libro de Vidas entre Vidas de Michael Newton, (psicólogo hipnoterapeuta), relata las experiencias de vidas pasadas y lo que venimos hacer aquí en la Tierra, en gran cantidad de pacientes y la relación de las almas con la Fuente, con sus guías, con almas más avanzadas se reirán a veces de la mentalidad de niños inocentes que tenemos, decimos y actuamos a veces, la evolución que lentamente vamos experimentando.Muy interesante para abrir la mente, correr ciertos conceptos y velos.Saludos.Bibiana.


    en verdad soy de Puerto Rico y me entere de la notisia tarde ya que soy y sere un fiel fan de g. levert desde que cantaba con L.S.G hasta solista y sus duo con su respectivas familias. y en verdad me ha chocado su muerte ya que ha quedado en memoria de todos nosotros uno de los mejores o el mejor exponente del soul,R&b que ha esistido en estos tiempos sin quitarle honor al que honor se merese, Gerald que descanses en paz, mi respeto a sus familiares.por siempre tu fiel fan.


    Hi Androgoth, Thank you as well for your visits. You have been exceeding even your highly-imaginative self with your posts! We will head to the mountains for the long Independence Day weekend. Now what is that we are celebrating…??? (Perhaps it’s not polite to discuss it.)


    I got the album before it got released because I supported Jonathan Thulin in his fundraising campaign. I’ve never been more satisfied buying an album than this! I’ve been playing it straight through at least 50 times already and still find it interesting, catching, captivating, and thoughtful. The lyrics are wonderful, but most of all, Thulin’s voice is amazing, and he makes better use of it in this album than his last one. I would give it 5 of 5 in rating!

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    April Russell – I love this. You are awesome for sharing this. I know EXACTLY how you feel and have been dealing with the same circumstances lately. IT does pass and I fear I’m gonna miss it when it does. I’ll wonder what I could have done differently or better. I try to smile through the crazy crazy moments! THANK you for opening up and I think its BETTER to be this way!April 14, 2011 – 11:42 am

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    hey, I really need some codes. I’d really appreciate it if someone could give me some. If anyone has some they dont/ wont use, pretty please with a cherry on top send them toThank you for all the people who do!

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    May 17, 2011 at 12:47 pm“Sometimes I think it boils down to how clued-in you are to energy, though. Those people who can’t read a room’s mood wouldn’t get as much out of crystals, methinks.”That’s a really good point. Most stones are subtle and if you’re not tuned in overall, you are just not going to feel much.The thing for me with all of it, Chakras on up, is how people are sometimes so…I dunno. Over-the-top preachy about “this how it is” I guess. That really put me off for a long time. I cannot just accept someone’s declaration of reality. I have to feel it myself or it’s useless to me. Reply


    How Can You Remove Cigarette Tar From The Lungs Quickly Once You Have Quit Smoking It is commonly accepted that the first week of quitting smoking is the biggest hurdle a smoker has to jump over. If you are able to manage one week without lighting up then the statistics show that you are nine times more likely to remain a non smoker and stop for good.

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    A naso, o il mobilificio ha fatto una donazione o una sponsorizzazione a qualche comunità religiosa, della quale vuole però “rientrare” in qualche modo (braccino corto), oppure…Sarà mica che si sono inventati un modo per non pagare l’imposta di pubblicità ?

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    Hey Matt,Im a big fan of having dennis Wideman QB the top power play unit. This will take Chara to the second and give him sometime to rest during games and play mroe when we need him…. During 5v5 and the Penalty Kill. Also, I think he has a lot of turnovers while playing on the PP and wideman is the best offensive defenseman they have. Move Chara and Berg to the Second and Move Wideman to the first with Morris…

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    J espère que les personnes sont au courant que l’en achetant ce genre de véhicules ils suppriment des postes des ingénieur et technicien français travaillant sur la développement ainsi que bien sur toute la production (ingénieur,technicien et ouvrier)…c’est beau le low cost … on devrait expliquer ca a toute personne achetant low cost,coreen etc…


    Úžasný kočičák :-). Kočka, to je jediné zvíře, které nám doma chybí… VÅ¡ak mi už také máma nabízela toho úžasného mourovatého kocourka. Odolala jsem. To už by tu byl úplný blázinec. I když Kája by ho brala vÅ¡ema deseti. PS: Na sonu jsem si vyfotila tu samou cedulku, co ty, jen jsem ji pak vymazala. Byla mázlá :-). Jo a na Bulovku už snad nikdy… Popíšu v blogu

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    Mais oui malja, heureusement que tu es là pour rétablir la vérité.Gilles Jacquier c’est OSS 117 et Marie Colvin, la femme de James Bond.Plus sérieusement, tu sais qu’à force de dire n’importe quoi, tu pourrais te retrouver avec un procès pour diffamation (par exemple, par les proches d’un de ces méchants journalistes des services secrets assassinés par le gentil Bachar)… mais je suis bête, tu t’en fous… immunité diplomatique

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    Nice recipe, tastes spectacular, especially the cheese. The recipe works really well, and i found it very easy to make.It’s great to know that you are from Ecuador, i was born there too, and i love the food from there.This reminds me of when i was younger, it brings back a lot of great memories, especially since i haven’t yet gone back there since i came to London.Thank you for posting this recipe…All the way from London, with a heart in Ecuador

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    Fare shopping è un’altra prepotenza femminile, soprattutto quando usano i soldi del marito.Io spesso faccio shopping di libri, cd e DVD, dove c’è il reparto PORNO uomini di tutte le età fanno shopping di quel genere di DVD. Quindi anche lo shopping è molto maschile.Riguardo alla festa della donna: ogni potere e religione vive di continua propaganda, e la religione anche di fede come le donne.Visto che si è parlato di cinema: se avete visto Antichist di Lars Von Trier che ne pensate?

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    I’m with you, Jen. The first one, I can’t even WATCH for more than a couple seconds here and there because it makes me want to cry!The second, I watched today, and found it childish, wasteful, and also? It didn’t teach his daughter a damn thing.


    it best: “Bless the Lord, o my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name, Bless the Lord, o my soul and forget not all of His benefits, for He heals all of my diseases…..”We are blessing and thanking God for His great work in both of your lives. Thank you for keeping us in touch. Love, Mrs. A

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    RE: – But the money didn’t go “into the economy.” It went into bank reseveres and losses, where it has effectively disappeared.Excess capacity in capital and labor, global wage competition, a consumption based economy with high debt and rising unemployment expressed as falling GDP, all feeding back into the 30+% of the economy dependent upon government tax revenues and spending- none of that supports inflation. – Rate this comment: 0  0


    The first step is definitely the first thing people should do to achieve fulfillment in life. After implementing the first step, the remaining will surely follow. Just ensure that you are true to yourself and thing will be in a positive way. deanne sotero recently posted..

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    tengo 44 años cotizados, de los cuales, los últimos 17 como autónomo, si la cuota mensual es de 559.25 € y la base de cotización es de 1870.50 €. ?que pensión me puede quedar? por que no entiendo muy bien lo que te descuentan


    I can understand the business decisions that go into not having Nazi symbology in either the sets or the game, but it is disappointing from a historical perspective. I’m Jewish, and I’d have no problem buying either the game or the sets (I’m planning on picking up all of them) if they had historically correct Nazi references. I wish LEGO would do more historical sets, including historical military sets.Most of Europe still hasn’t come to terms with its own historical and contemporary antisemitism, so this omission just strikes me as another sweeping under the rug of the issue.


    Danke, den Rock vom Botschafter kenne ich jetzt..leider ohne die gerügten Kopfbedeckungen *grins*…..einige Bilder muß ich noch den Stimmmen/Textpassagen zuordnen…am WE werd ich mir Eure Akkustikvorstellung bestimmt noch einmal zuführen. Die Fotos helfen meiner Vorstellungswelt auf jeden Fall weiter….den verknüpften Artikel werde ich auch noch lesen….ich fühle mich gut unterhalten.


    hmm. the remote areas of northeastern part of the country were often cut off for at least 3 months each year by the annual rains. ppl practically didn’t had any job to do that time.a group of entertainers familiarly named as “ghetu” used to sing and dance for wealthy landlords in those 3-4 every ghetu team had a underage good looking boy dressed as a girl and performing . but their task is not limited to dancing and singing only, the were used as a object of sexual pleasure for the landlords.

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    Marylene Bonsoir à tous, Pas plus tard que la semaine dernière j’ai participé à une soirée Cougars Night dans la région Parisienne.J’ai passée une agréable soirée, les jeunes hommes se comportent en gentleman… et j’assume d’être une Cougar, lolVivement la prochaine dans un mois. 0  0

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    Paul Rothbart Hi Phil,“Subversions of the genre”. I really like that. It’s the perfect description. I am fascinated by this genre. As you point out in your outstanding article, a good romantic comedy is extremely challenging to write. The mediocre, cliche ones are basically unwatchable, but the really good ones are some of the best films you will ever see in any genre.I feel that human relationships are a rich, unlimited source of thematic and story material.Paul

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    kalumika :Я буду.Читаю часто, публикуюсь редко, комментирую ещё реже.))))Фотоаппарат брать? Запрета на фотографирование не будет?Нужны бейджики с никами и именами.??)))))Можно клочки бумажки на булавочке.Если ЕС не против, то бумажки и булавочки беру на себя.На встречах иногда помогает быстрее познакомиться.)))

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    It's almost impossible to see people's complete videos and access them in the new "beta" design. Since it's Java, you cannot open in a new window, and you can't scroll down on the list at right. It's very inflexible and needlessly limited. It's pretty clear this inconvenience to us, so you must be doing it to actually cut down on what we can look at in order to bring down your IT (or perhaps bandwidth?) costs. Not a good move as far as I'm concerned. Not Beta but Youtube .08! A step backward to help you make $$$$

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    Can’t write much as am on iPad. Just wanted to assure you Prina that I don’t think you will ever regret immersing yourself in art, tho u sacrificed yr job to do so. You at young and energetic, analytical, thoughtful and SMART. Now is the time for YOU, in five years you may be encumbered with ‘responsibilities’ like mortgage, job, kids … Who knows. Either way, this decision is part of the making of you, art pulls you in, the need to make or know is like an appetite you can’t ignore. Your reward will be a better more soul nourished you.

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    Great topic, Dr. Deb. Especially with so many baby boomers going through this. I thought I'd add my thoughts. Empty nest could be experienced in a more intense fashion or for a longer period when earlier loss hasn't been resolved, say the death of a parent. Similarly, a dysfunctional relationship or too few relationships (i.e., loneliness) can trigger a greater degree of empty nest. So if empty nest feelings are overwhelming, or if time doesn't seem to be helping, addressing these other issues may prove helpful.

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    oæ‹¿,冇打算撩是鬥非,一氣睇完七十幾個留言,眼都花,算做換下氣咁o者:1. “知道淮遠的人不多”?唉,後生可畏,冇計。2. 黃君燦然堅持是私密珍蔵?唉,你叫關生笑好定嬲好呢?3. 關懷遠係好名,咁佢有弟名關懷廣(都係詩人黎架),仲有個關懷博,都唔知佢令尊大人當年改名時條數點計…4. 好心提醒兩位畫”淮遠“ge畫師小心小心,一個唔覺意稍有差池,怕會招殺身之禍wor~5. 想當年關生左手寫詩右手丙人無數…你估個個寫得幾下ge都係文弱書生咩^.^6. 姐仔,風高物燥,保重身體。

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    Привет, у тебя статья состоит из 10 пунктов) я думал ты тоже участвуешь в конкурсе от Шелвина) потом увидел, что нет)Вот моя конкурсная статья по этой же теме

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    time aku, bapak aku yg brutal dlu~tp mak aku ok je.. beliau seorg yg lemah lembut tpi kuat membebel…keh3….tp betul la, dlu mak bapak bukan maen garang lagi.. tpi skrg ni mak bapak mcm dah x larat nk garang2 da.. adakah disebabkan global warming….kah3… *mcm xde kne mngena…arghhh

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    Iniziativa stupenda! Possiamo condividere con voi un'esperienza simile che abbiamo fatto in biblioteca con i bambini? Un percorso notturno al buio con una lanterna e delle schegge di luna ad illuminarci il cammino tra gli scaffali. Il libro che ci ha accompagnato era "La luna" dei Grimm, nella versione di Andrea Rauch.B&I

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    Oh Joanna, the photos are beautiful! I delighted in the lessons learned and felt my heart stirring right along with your awakening passion to “wash your eyes in wonder.” Through your post I felt your heart, a lightness and the fanciful flight of a spirit that is soaring on the wings of possibility. Beautiful Joanna, beautiful..-= Karen Swim´s last blog .. =-.

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    in the pdf that you cited verbatim. I’m sure that you dismiss the identity of views. But the readers can see for themselves that he and Chomsky agreed about the competing role played by special interests and imperialism and the fact that the great powers use the Lobby, the Jewish vote, and Jewish campaign contributions to camouflage those other factors.

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    à®…à®±ிவான விளக்கம் சொல்பவர்க்கு அநாமதேயங்கள் பட்டமளிப்பதுதான் வேடிக்கை.தமிà®´ாண்டு என்à®±ு சொல்லப்படுவதில் தமிà®´ிà®°ுக்கிறதா?அந்த ஆண்டுகள் பிறந்த கதைதானேய்யா அசிà®™்கமுà®®் à®®ுட்டாள் தனமுà®®்.அதைச் சொன்னால் எங்கே எரிகிறது?கட்டாயம் படித்த தமிà®´à®°்கள் சிந்தித்து பல தமிà®´à®±ிஞர்கள் ஆராய்ந்து சொன்ன தை à®®ுதலே தமிà®´à®°் புத்தாண்டாய்க் கொண்டாட வேண்டுà®®்.

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    Is Islam the cause of Arab violence, mysoginy and other cultural traits, or is it that the Arab mindset itself gave rise to a “religion” in keeping with their mindset? I have felt that the latter is the more likely.Assyrian Arab Christians behaving like Arab Muslims gives support to the thesis.The rest of the Muslim world simply follows the Arab Muslim world in trying to be the “bestest” of Muslim, ie the Arab Muslim. Naipaul was astonished that Pakistanis and Malay Muslims, preferred to be identified as Arab Muslims rather then Indian.


    I love the Atahualpa theme and its great flexibility. Looking forward to the update.QUESTION: I have be going nuts trying to figure out how to make atahualpa display with a fixed width. will this be an option in the new version? If not, is there a simple way to do this? (I have tried adding a div wrapper in index.php as well as redefining “page container” as fixed width class. Neither seemed to wrok.)Good luck with the release!

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    The very heart of your writing while sounding agreeable initially, did not work well with me after some time. Someplace within the sentences you managed to make me a believer but just for a while. I nevertheless have a problem with your leaps in assumptions and one would do nicely to fill in those gaps. In the event you can accomplish that, I could undoubtedly end up being fascinated.


    "case closed" even now. What an idiot. He has NO legal proof that "Obama" was born in Hawaii, since that letter directly contradicts the alleged "birth certificate" image on the White House web site. Obama OWNS it now. So do you, Bennett.He's apologizing that people might have mistakenly thought he might leave "Obama" off the ballot.Arizonans– reject this weasel.

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    i understand your … i understand your point of view,but a lot of things happened in the past and people did nothing to prevent it,people always think nothing will happen ,but our life are so short,how can we be sure?To me those guys are less terrorists than the real soldier in middle-east.I agree its strange that usa is like the only country having militia.Constitution i imagine… Was this answer helpful?


    The top 1/2 has 87.74% of all the adjusted gross income in 2007.Yeah, and they probably create 95% of all the jobs. They own the vast majority of all the businesses and so directly and indirectly pay those taxes as well. There's an old saying, "If you want to catch fish, you have to fish where the fish are at."There's another old saying, "Democracy has to be more than two wolves and sheep voting on what's for dinner."


    Det har varit en ära att fÃ¥ följa starka Elisabeth som orkat dela med sig sÃ¥ mycket och det har gett mig perspektiv.Till hennes barn och man vill jag bara säga… Själar säger aldrig farväl… Heaven is a place nearby ♥Ã… du Gitt som skrev detta sista inlägg. Du är en stark person med stort hjärta!


    Ja też nie czujÄ™ magii Å›wiÄ…t i chyba jest nas coraz wiÄ™cej. Tak jak piszesz, gdyby nie reklama barszczu biaÅ‚ego to pewnie by siÄ™ o tych Å›wiÄ™tach zapomniaÅ‚o;) Jak dobrze, że wÅ›ród moich najbliższych nie ma obÅ‚udy i sztucznego, wydumanego Å›wiÄ™towania. Niech szybko minÄ… te Å›wiÄ™ta i bÄ™dzie normalny tydzieÅ„ – nareszcie.


    What do you mean “Everything is tied into the debate schedule”? I realize you guys on the editorial staff think your endorsements make a difference but take a breath and look at history, newspaper editorials are meaningless.As I indicated, I’m of the opinion that the debate schedule dance had more to do with polling trends not yet revealed. Why else would the guy whose been leading in the polls want an early debate and the guy trailing want to postpone. You guys at the paper should use your heads a little bit and repress the egos.


    Fantastisk at du gjennomførte russisk leseprosjekt! Jeg hadde russisk som valgfag pÃ¥ gymnaset – men gav meg etter 1. termin (og hoppa over til russerevy som valgfag istedenfor) Kommer innom deg pÃ¥ jobb om ikke veldig lenge – med strikkeoppskrift sÃ¥ du kan sitte varmt i pÃ¥sken (eller i bilen)


    Thanks for sharing, Wendy. I’m not ready to do more than chickens at this point because with larger livestock you have to be there every day and our fair grounds is 20 miles away. With the poultry, volunteers feed and water them everyday. I just made a phone call to get more info on our local 4H club. My older kids weren’t interested, but the two younger boys want to get involved. I have many fond memories in 4H so I’m exited that they want to do this.


    P.S. DilemmaAuch hier wird in diesem thread wird ja teilweise ein Ton angeschlagen, dass es einem Angst und Bange werden kann.Leider kann ich nun selbst schon lange Zeit nicht mehr an den Demos teilnehmen, da ich mir die teilweise auch sehr üblen Parolen sonst zurechnen lassen müsste, welche da so skandiert werden.Ich könnte für mich ja kaum Respekt einfordern und gleichzeitig hinter einem Plakatträger herlaufen, welcher auf diesem andere verunglimpft oder beleidigt.


    From what I’ve seen there appears to have always been an awful lot of forehead on display in your pictures young or old. For me its been more about watching the colors change like autumn leaves. Maybe more telling is what our resting face expressions reveal. If we’re not still smiling then maybe we need to be doing something different! Smile On!


    Do „Chicagowianki”Domyslam sie ze rozumiez iz w Stanach sa dwie partie i Jezeli chodzi o wojny to gdzie byli demokratyczni senatorowie? W czasie kadencji Obamy sprawowali kontrole przez 2 lata i mogli przepchnac kazda ustawe (Obamacare). Teraz prosze mi dac przyklad jak republikanie wyzywaja Obame w porownaniu jak democraci opluwali Busha czy ktos go lubi czy nie. Staraj sie patrzec na dwie strony „medalu”. Pozdrawiam


    It's all down to Cultural Marxism. The destruction of institutions, racial and sexual equality, tolerance, PC, feminism and the rest of the nonsense.And it begs a question: If a people cannot summon the will to fight and defend their territory and way of life to preserve them for future generations, do they deserve to survive? Mother nature sets the rules and is unforgiving. The West is committing suicide, I honestly cannot see a change of course.Proud Brit.

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    I’m so sorry for your loss Ali. I can’t say I know what you are going through, as I can only begin to imagine how I would feel. Our love and prayers are with you and your family as you heal. May God give you the peace and comfort that only He can give. (((HUGS)))

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    Ouahou ! pas mal d'acquisitions cette semaine ^^ Alors j'ai eu un gros coup de coeur pour Quand souffle le vent du nord et pour ce qui de Hunger Games 3, une perle ^^

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    Não entendo este povo, o cara teve a chance de ficar com o vidro trincando, contar história, passar aperto: mas não…… prefere parar em Cacoal para trocar um vidro, com um mecanico de nem deveria estar mamado!

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    With the stock market looking like a guillotine, there can be some comfort from high yields. I would look for good businesses with good management first and yield second, though. I mean, track record and prospects trumps yield.


    Has anyone noticed that in II-4,( when Shanon goes to the hospital with her step-mother after someone called her at work because her father had had an accident), Jack just passed behind them ?Funny coincidence….It’s really strange how all the people on the island have at one moment or another come accross each other…This sure is a strange scientific experience. It really looks like this show is a parallel with The Truman Show. There are too many similarities for it being something else…


    Hooray for your first contest. Hmm…I guess I'd give Looking For Alaska to my own boarding school when I go back for my TWENTIETH reunion this spring (tears). I know the things that happen when a hundred and fifty teens live together 24/7. I would have loved that book twenty years ago, and the students there now would love it today.(Deenie's kind of super, though. I'd probably save that one for my girlie who's six going on sixteen.)

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    Judy, this is priceless. I am glad you made it through the Mayan calendar change. I also am envious of the Aussies and have never been Downunder. I will need to remedy this one day. By the way, another good thing about Australia is your movies. Some of my favorite movies include “Breaker Morant,” “The Man from Snowy River,” and “Phar Lap.” Since we will have more time together with the world not ending, I look forward to reading your blog in 2013, no matter what time it is written. Happy holidays and g’day mate, BTG


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